Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taylor's Homecoming! January 12th 9am Victors Pond Building

You are invited to come to our home after for a light brunch. 968 East Sunburn Lane (11575 south)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family and Friends of Taylor,
Elder Herrin will be arriving home on January 1st 2014!!! Yes in a few days! We are so proud of him and the service and sacrifice he has given to the Lord. Please give him a warm welcome home, he has served well and through difficult challenges. Thank you for your love and support!
I read this article this morning and I think it is very insightful, I would encourage all to read it. As well as the comments below the article.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13 2013

.... my companions name is Kekoolani! his dad is hawaiian but is no longer living he died about a year ago I think really sad! Super hard worker love the kid to death! haha let's see the mission is amazing! and we reached 21 again and paulino was baptized!! yeaa haha but he has a wife and son that live on the other side of the country but he is searching work out here because he has family here! yeah let's see this week was good but ok so there was a huge huge storm and I was on scambio and we went down to the ocean no one was out and we were on this dock thing I have taken pictures of it but anywho the waves were coming up onto that and it is really hard for that but the waves came up and over us and soaked us haha it was so funny we were laughing and the only people out haha it has been really stormy and crazy this week! but it's all good!..I love you all thank you for the letters and for all that you are doing for me! Love anziano herrin

 November 6, 2013
CIAO LA MIA MAMMA!!  so this week for work We have been leading the zone in lessons super high numbers and I am dying I am super tired but it's great we got 21 lessons this last week and the week before 20 and usually we get 7 and we are super happy but working is going well for us we will be having a baptism this saturday at 6 with one of our investigators his name is paulino haha he is from peru! he is 30 and really great guy I am super excited and he is to! this week and from now on we want to try and have 3 lessons a day so that would become 30 a week I think we will be able to do it! I went to firenze or florence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most pretty thing I have ever seen!!  in the front of the duomo that is the huge baptistry!! crazy take care love Anziano HErrin!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 2nd 2013

pouring rain haha

 on a pier looking back at the city

some castle in the hills

our apartment grounds

one of the fruit i picked today!!

....so the investigator is doing really well we will see her again on friday with a member so that will be nice! I didn't have to speak in church meno male!! but it was really fun because the last sunday of every month they have lunch so that is fun just in the church after it is all done and I love our branch president Di Nuzzo he is 57 probably  single and the nicest guy in the world! he takes care of his mom who is 88 or something and can't do much but I like him a lot! pesaro is good and yeah I bike everywhere and it is not bad at all unless you go on the roads which are almost all of them haha that are cobble stone and those suck to ride on but it is ok! I have lost a ton of weight here and I have been trying to make coconut gelato and I think I got it this time haha I usually just buy fruit because it is always fresh and sweet and cheap haha so I usually eat coconut pineapple bananas apple and pears the apples and pears and polmegranit?? IDK but anywho you can pick those 3 off practically any tree and they are big and sweet!! they aren't sending many missionaries to italy anymore because the work is not progressing as fast as they wanted or something I am guessing but there are only 8 missionaries coming this next transfer haha but oh well I love italia still it is gorgeous I am in a country area with the ocean and a lot of vineyards and hills italia is very green! haha but yeah things are good Love you all take care thanks for the update!!
vi voglio bene!
Anziano Herrin

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 3rd 2013

CIAO MIA MAMMA!!:) Everything is going great here in Italy I don't have much time but basically I am going with a kid that has been here for 3 months and I am super excited I will be headed off to PESARO!!! it is the opposite coast of florence but it is on the ocean!! and there is a place there it is a country haah and it is inside of italy super small but it is called san marino!! and you can get all of the super nice perfumes and what not like for men also for only 5 euro.... it is so sweet and it is all legit and I am super lucky to be going here but also another thing is that I am the second farthest south city in the mission and there are only 10 members in our ward so I have to give lots of talks but it is supposed to be a really rich place and yeah I am just super excited to go see and do other things haha LOVE you alll so much the work is going haha anna was crying super hard when I said goodbye to her she doesn't want me to go at all ha so that sucks but I said when I come back i will visit her!! haha but that was all great I love italy it is still super gorgeous and yeah haha sorry I goota run because we are all moving so I have to pack and leave for Milano so Love you!!
p.s. fatto in Italia;)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 21, 2013

. look up 2nd nefi 12 3 and that is where zion will be it spells utah if you look down one of the columns in the middle it is super cool haha oh and the family(from ivory coast) is a fam of 12 and they are super cool we might have to push their date back one week but who knows... they are really cool though! and this week the mini mission kid is gone and we were in a 3 some again! but yeah than we got suprised with a new kid!! haha so that is cool!! he is chill:) but ok so look up Butterfly circus best film ever seen make sure everyone in the family see's this film today!!!!!!